Mike Peace

ERP Systems Architect / Expert Witness

Collins 75A-4 Receiver Project

Please see all pictures as this vintage Collins ham radio receiver presents itself with fantastic appeal and class. Item is free from any loose particles inside/outside it’s original chassis. Item also appears to be free from any non original drilled holes, major denting, etc. It is evident that the original, one time previous owner did store and/or operate this item with care. Item was stated to be paired with a KWS-1 transmitter in an active ham radio station that centered around Collins radio equipment. This item includes it’s original chassis, which includes all factory marking(s) that are legible as shown in multiple pictures. Parts inside do appear to be original including transformers, tube sockets, etc. This item is super clean top and bottom inside as pictures three, five and twenty portray. The front panel of this receiver retains it’s original factory paint, lettering, knobs, etc. All original front panel parts are intact and functioning as shown. The meter and both dials are original, intact and free from cracking. Each dial turns smoothly and correctly both ways; and the DIAL LOCK does function just the same. The original Collins winged emblem is also intact and stationary. All knobs are matching, functioning and/or switching correctly. This receiver was also found with it’s original PHONES jack present as shown, too. Please see picture two to note the excellent condition of the back side of this item. Again, all original factory paint and verbiage is present and legible. This item includes all original back side connections and/or parts as well as it’s original factory stamped serial number; and this receiver does have it’s original line cord/plug. (small area of electrical tape on line cord) All venting is intact and free from any denting around the original cabinet. The original owner did repaint the top cover of this receiver and did a neat job. (see picture seven) The top cover does open and close correctly. Please see picture seventeen to note the cleanliness inside the original cover… and some light wear/age. The sides of this item, as suggested in pictures nine and ten, also appear to have been touched up by the original owner as well. This item was briefly tested with a quick loop antenna and some Morse code was heard. (works*) Please see pictures ten through sixteen to see this receiver powered on with front panel, tubes, etc. lit during brief testing. (works*) All tubes are included as shown, but have not been tested individually. Pictures ten and eleven demonstrate the BAND switch functioning correctly when switched, as well as both AM/CW-SSB being tuned. Picture twelve displays the STD BY and ON modes also functioning per the meter shown above. (works*) The AF GAIN and RF GAIN appear to be functioning; pictures thirteen and fourteen demonstrate the meter’s movement. (works*) As stated testing was brief, there are close up pictures of tubes being lit when this receiver is powered on. No other testing was done and only what is shown in the pictures is included in this auction. Item was found with the two filters shown in pictures eighteen and nineteen, and a third filter may have been included inside the bottom area of this chassis. Please utilize ZOOM when reviewing picture twenty for more details. Item was also found with two original manuals. One is for this receiver itself, the other likely was originally with this item when it was paired with it’s Collins KWM-1 transmitter. Both original manuals are complete, and in good overall condition with some wear/age… and included as shown. With mentioning again the KWM-1 transmitter this receiver was paired with, please note this receiver was found without it’s bottom cover. The previous owner, who is the original owner of both pieces, did not recall where the bottom cover went to after some electronic updating was done over the years; therefore this 75A-4 is being sold just as it was found. Although this Collins receiver is not NOS/mint in condition, it definitely has potential to be an awesome addition to your period Collins radio station and/or collection. Whether leaving this item as is, or giving it a few minor finishing touches… this is surely one clean Collins receiver inside and out.