Mike Peace

ERP Systems Architect / Expert Witness

Central Electronics 20A Transmitter


Central Electronics 20A Transmitter 160-10 Meters AM SSB CW PM capable.

Needs a cabinet repaint and general cleanup. I powered it on long enough to see the tubes light up and the magic eye tube come up, which it did. No smoke! The ON/OFF switch will need some Deoxit or perhaps just some use as it’s a bit finicky. The front panel is about a 7-8. The knobs are good and correct.

These transmitters have excellent audio and were built when SSB was just barely beginning to gain popularity. It has bandswitching and is an easy tuneup. You should hear the one Bob Heil uses regularly. It’s amazing.

This transmitter should be recapped, cleaned up and treated with Deoxit. I don’t expect it will need much more except maybe a few resistors to replace any which have drifted. It has a home brew VOX module. The original AC cord should be replaced with a three AC cord.